Old Soul ReSale is thrilled to feature the artwork of a number of regional artists. Please stop by often to see the newest collection.

Participating Artists Include

* Judy Anderson of Kukucaju

* Meredith Blackmore

*Arlene Saunders

*Hannah Wallace Lund



kukucaju paintings on wood is the work of local artist Judy Anderson. A graduate of the Ontario College of Art and Design and the University of Guelph, her work isplayful and quirky, takinginspiration from all things that amuse her; small furry mammals, cowpokes, monsters, storytelling, and in particular, the curious fascinations children. This series of paintings draws from the often dark sides of the imagination and is intended to fuel the creative furnaces of young and old.

kukucaju’s unique brand of serious-proof art has been traveling the countryside since 2007. Each piece is made entirely by hand at kukucaju headquarters in Damascus Ontario using acrylic, latex, vintage buttons, beads and various odd bits on salvaged plywood, solid off-cuts and finished with lacquer.

Judy Anderson



Meredith Blackmore is a figurative painter and art instructor living in Fergus.  She has taught art for over 10 years and has witnessed many creative eurekas.  Her ability to paint spontaneously won her Toronto’s Live Art Battle in March 2013.  She has had portraits commissioned by many, including The Wellington County Museum in 2012 to paint the historical figure, Richard Pierpoint.  In 2010, she painted a winning work on Bravo! TV Star Portraits.  She trained at the National Ballet School and likens a lot of figurative art to dance.  She has a Fine Arts degree from the University of Guelph and a collection of paint-splattered clothes.  Meredith welcomes portrait commissions.

instudio MBlackmore



After Graduating from The Ontario College of Art (and Design) , Nick Kosonic spent 5 years as a drummer before being lured into the Film Industry in Toronto working weekends at some of the busiest Commercial set building studios. It wasn’t long until he was painting sets and scenery for many TV series, “B” films and eventually Feature Films and “made for TV Movies”. 

Several years later he decided to open his own shop providing professional Freelance support in many other areas loosely associated with Flm and Television. Photography, Audio Visual, Event Installation and Decor were also in need of suppliers and so began “Drops Are Props” , a full service scenery company specializing in background and prop painting.
It was here that Nick’s exposure to the many varied styles of illustration,types of clientele and variety of techniques became part of his approach to art, an opportunity that he has embraced in the last 6 years.
Still in his “infancy” when it comes to painting “pictures” he has returned to some of those techniques in an experimental and wildly colourful expression of “That which is!
,,,at least in his mind’s eye,,,


Arlene was born and raised in rural Prince Edward County, Ontario, immersed in the natural beauty of the area and surrounded by her five creative siblings. Her combined love of art, geography and math led her to a 20 year career as a cartographer. During this time her artistic interest was guided by a number of artists through various art schools and societies in Southern Ontario and Northern Manitoba. Since 2002 she has lived in the historic village of Elora, Ontario. During most of that time she was the General Manager of the Elora Centre for the Arts. Recently she has gone back into her studio, and is painting full time again.

Arlene Saunders




Hannah Wallace-Lund has been photographing her world since finding her dad’s old Minolta camera in the basement. She shoots film and digital, here, there, and everywhere – on her travels around this world. Unusual landscapes and people are most interesting to Hannah, and she enjoys the simplicity and honesty of black and white. Hannah hopes to pursue her love for wandering and documentary photography.

Hannah WL Photo



  1. Diane says:

    My that Hannah! What a girl! Talented AND beautiful!

  2. Julie says:

    do you have any contact information? Phone number, address?? Cant find you anywhere!

    • admin-arlene says:

      Hi Julie – Sorry for hiding that information — look at the top tag line now – or the fleshed out info on the ABOUT page. Thanks for being patient.

  3. Thank you! Glad to be on board :)

  4. Nick says:

    After all that ego work to prepare a BIO and nuthin!..LOL!! doesn’t seem to be cramping my style,,,I think it’s time to sell another,,, So Be It!!! Thanks Arlene,,,

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