It’s time to hunker down – and Nest~~

Winter in Ontario has alot going for it — some things a little more subtle than others.  It is the time that most of us can slow down a little bit and take stock of the place we live.   With long evenings inside, we find ourselves in the coziest rooms of the house – – dressed in warm sweaters and underneath warm blankets – and if we are lucky we have a fire going.   If you want to look for some special items for decorating this winter — come in and take a peak- we have items from times gone by — including an amazing collection of Vintage Milk Glass — wood and metal furniture and accessories – local art – and some fun painted up furniture.    Take the time to enjoy your home this winter – you’ve worked hard for it!    15178282_1345569148800761_2403138801566241683_n 14937238_1334664663224543_8502686769225409782_n milk-glass

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